Luz de Luna

Every month we celebrate the full moon in Mezzanine with Thai traditions.

Mezzanine’s terrace is the perfect place to explore the night sky with our telescope and appreciate the moon and its cycles, which represent birth, growth, death, and renewal. The full moon is a very powerful phase, it brings great revelations and occurs when the sun completely illuminates it. It is considered that this phase brings with it situations related to endings, conclusions, and culminations. It is a time when our emotions intensify, it makes us feel more energetic and is often used as a time for celebrations.

Thai culture is steeped in astrology and mystical practices, such as palm reading and tarot cards. Astrology has a certain kind of magic to it, and it is said a reading of our natal chart can show a map of our lives. A natal chart can be thought of as a photograph of what the sky was like at the moment we were born. Based on the place and time, we can read different energetic things about ourselves. Interested? Check your birth chart here:

The Tarot

The tarot is a deck of cards that helps consult and interpret facts, dreams, perceptions, or emotional states. In a culture as mystical as Thailand’s, the cards are a method to predict the future, consisting of 78 cards with different meanings. Would you like to know what message the cards have for you? Request a reading with the tarot reader at our Luz de Luna event.

Immerse yourself in space and its constellations with these apps: