Here at Mezzanine we firmly believe that our biggest asset is our fabulous team who we view as our family. Please allow us to introduce you to some of our incredible family members who are waiting to welcome you at Mezzanine.

mezzanine hotel team


General Manager

“Meet our General Manager Laura, having worked within Colibri for almost 12 years she really is part of the family. Laura has a great eye for all the little details that make our guests' stay so special and play a big part in creating the famous 'Mezzanine Vibe'.”

mezzanine hotel team


Administrative Assistant

“I started as a cleaner and I was given the opportunity to grow and not a day has gone by that I do my job without joy. I am very grateful for the support I was given to be a self-sufficient woman who brings stability to her family.“

mezzanine team



“I love working at Mezzanine because every day is different. I enjoy the challenge of the expected high quality and enjoy providing our guests the transition from hungry, to happy and satisfied.”

mezzanine hotel team



“Mezzanine has given me the opportunity to work in a thriving company. Every day I have the privilege of meeting people from all over the world and can use my local knowledge to personalize it and make it special for each guest.“

mezzanine team



“I clean the public areas and the rooms, but our work is not only about cleaning; this is our home and we want to make sure our guests find it impeccable and welcoming“.

mezzanine hotel team



“My family is everything to me, and the fact that my little daughter feels so proud of me and my place of work, that is my motivation everyday.”

mezzanine hotel team


Administrative Assistant

“The best thing about working at Mezzanine is the teamwork, it feels more like a family, it doesn’t feel like work, it is my happy place“

If you are interested in joining our family, please contact our HR team for more information at reclutamiento